It is commonly believed that when the year carries a Yang element, it tends to be a fast-moving year. With the Tiger being one of the four Traveling Stars in Chinese Astrology system known as Ba Zi it is no wonder that 2022 is fast-moving. Just as the Traveling Star suggests, after two years, international borders opened up and travel is once again part of our lifestyle. Personally, I  must say it is definitely true as I got my latest book published on October 1, 2022.   One of the main reasons for that is that I have two major trips, one to Europe, the other to the United States and, another important fact is that the Lunar Chinese New Year is much earlier this coming year, on February 23 2023.
2023, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit as its name suggests is a Yin energy year.  The Yin Water symbolizes small drops of water, the drizzling rain, or water in ponds, lakes or dew drops. While many may think of the Yin element as softer, passive or slow, in essence, it is as strong as the Yang element. While the general characteristic of the YIn water element is moderate, gentle, humble, tolerant, patient and easy-going and flexible, on the flip side, the Yin water element can also be cunning, secretive, and deceptive because it can get into small spaces and spread everywhere.
So would you like to know what the Yin Water Rabbit holds? Do you know if your zodiac is a clashing sign in 2023? Do you wish to select an auspicious date to recommence your work or business during the Lunar Chinese New Year season for more positivity? Some information that you will find in this latest edition: Performing your First Outing on Chinese New Day The Tai Shui and your Zodiac sign When to Bank in your money on February 4, 2023 Auspicious Dates and Direction to welcome the auspicious stars during the Lunar Chinese New Year Monthly Zodiac forecast  in 2023 Feng Shui and Remedies for 2023 Tips of buy Properties
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Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2023-Yin Water Rabbit Year
Wishing everyone a blessed time ahead. Master Clarice Chan
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