Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology)

The ancient Chinese were  known to place a lot of emphasis on luck and destiny.  Is there a such a thing as a fixed destiny for each individual? If so, how can you change or is it possible at all to change your destiny?

What is  Luck?  Some meanings from dictionaries describe Luck as “good things that happen by chance.” It is also described as a “force that causes good or bad things to happen”. There are other meanings such as serendipity, a twist of fate and sometimes misfortune.

However, luck is not the sole element that defines your destiny. There is Cosmology, Feng Shui and personal action. Together, they are believed to be able to shape your life in positive or negative ways.

Ba Zi analysis commonly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny is a form of Chinese astrology that is calculated using your date and time of birth. From the 4 pillars, we are then able to work out the good and bad elements affecting you. Understanding the quality of your Ba Zi elements is very useful.  Using more of the good elements can help you make better decisions, take action when opportunities arise and enhance your well-being, success, finances and relationships.

An evaluation of your character, strengths and weaknesses, health condition, career and business directions and personal Feng Shui orientations, diet & nutrition are some aspects that you can expect to know when you have your Ba Zi Chart analysed.

A professional Ba Zi practitioner today, will, in their analysis, be able to give you an understanding of your life and give advice on remedial actions that you can take to avoid undesirable situations and to achieve better quality of life.

For better results, a yearly review of your Ba Zi  Destiny chart is highly recommended.