Hello all! Once again, a very Happy 2018 to everyone! I hope the start of 2018 has been good to you so far. For myself,  this is the busiest time of the year, I am rushed off my feet doing readings and Feng Shui updates right up to the Lunar New Year. However, I do advice my clients to try to complete their annual Feng Shui updates by the Li Chun day which is on February 4 in 2018. Li Chun is the Solar New Year, the Spring Solstice and it is also the change over of the Fire Rooster zodiac year to the Yang Earth Dog Year.  So what is this hoo-ha about banking-in your money on Li-Chun day? Well, this is a Chinese tradition that has become very trendy in the last decade. It is the belief that banking in your money on this day will invigorate your wealth energy and boost your money luck for the entire year. Therefore you will see long queues of people waiting to deposit their money at Banks and Automated machines at on this day. There have been arguments on whether that this is a genuine or fake tradition, but why should it matter? Whichever the answer may be, the practice of banking in money on Li-Chun day is now deeply rooted in people’s mind, it makes them happy and give them hope.  I call this a form of  the Law of Attraction, the belief that focusing on positive or negative thoughts can brings positive or negative experiences into your life. So since this is a positive belief, why not join in the excitement by banking in some money into your account on Li Chun day, as what have you got to lose by doing it? To join in the fun of this tradition, I have put together a chart of Auspicious times on February 4 for every zodiac sign. Please refer to the chart for find the good banking in hours! Wishing your a prosperous to the year of the Yang Earth Dog! With blessings, Master Clarice Chan
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