Water Dragon (1952 & 2012)

Water Dragon
You may be pleased to know that you are the most easy-going of the type of the Dragon group. Each type zodiac will go through a 60-year cycle before it repeats itself, and 2012 is the repeated year for your zodiac sign. To make the most of this year, you need to look after your well-being, keep to an easy-going lifestyle and adopt a flexible attitude towards work. ( if you are still working). Financially, this is a stable year so enjoy your journey in 2012! Water Dragon babies are said to have strong and dynamic personality.

Wood Dragon (1964)
Wood Dragons are practical, creative and deep thinkers. There will be hidden potentials this year but you must be patient. For a start, 2012 will move rather slowly for you. It is important that you do not allow this to set you back or this is likely to result in a year of little achievement. For many, new careers are indicated. Financially, this will be a steady year.

Fire Dragon (1978)
You are ambitious and have a tremendous will to succeed. 2012 will have an interesting course laid out for you but you must try to cope with the fact that energy will not be moving as fast as your wish. To help yourself, your must try to stay flexible and focused on goals and avoid being over frustrated. Family and love ones will be supportive, you can look forward to a harmonious time with them this year. You will have the tendencies to overspend.

Earth Dragon (1988)
You are the quieter one of the 5 types of dragon and have very clear objective of what you wish to achieve in life. While this year favours movement and development, you will find it difficult to manage. Many of you will wish to make changes to your career or business, be patient and network as you will find these opportunities by chance.

Metal Dragon (1940, 2000)

You are strong-willed and can be forceful. While this year does hold possibilities of expansion to those who are in business you will need to inform your partners and family of you plans. Rushing out to make changes or take on new ventures by yourself will bring negative results.

By Feng Shui Master Clarice Chan

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