Hello All,

Excitement is brewing about the Solar Eclipse that will occur tomorrow, April 19/20, depending on your location on the globe. Here in Singapore, it will be on the 20th between 11 am and 1 pm.

In recent years, I have become more and more interested in astrology. Looking up at the sky has become a part of my night routine, and reading about what’s happening in the skies is now my favourite pastime. I have also booked myself a ticket to watch the eclipse between 11 am and 1 pm at the Singapore Science Centre.

I have seen some articles that suggest watching an eclipse will bring bad luck to the individual. This brings me back to 2019, the last eclipse in Singapore, when I was doing a house orientation and witnessed the eclipse. Not sure about the bad luck but it was truly amazing to witness it.

So, is it true that watching eclipses will bring bad luck?

I am sure that if we were to poll people, we would have a variety of answers. However, in ancient times, a solar eclipse was considered an omen of disaster. It was believed that with the occurrence of a solar eclipse, a series of disasters would happen.

However, there are also cultures that relate a solar eclipse with romance. I found an interesting article on Almanac.com about this:
* To the Australian Aborigines, the Sun was seen as a woman who carries a torch. The Moon, by contrast, was regarded as male. Because of the association of the lunar cycle with the female menstrual cycle, the Moon was linked with fertility. A solar eclipse was interpreted as the Moon-man uniting with the Sun-woman.

* In German mythology, the hot female Sun and cold male Moon were married. The Sun ruled the day, and the sleepy Moon ruled the night. Seeking companionship, the Moon was drawn to his bride, and they came together, thus a solar eclipse.

* Some Native Americans drew on a similar concept: that a solar eclipse was a visit of companions.

What is my take on this?

I had a discussion with a Taoist Master about the belief that watching eclipses brings bad luck. His take is that it all depends on your Ba Zi (Chinese astrology). I contemplated his reply, and I feel it makes sense. A solar eclipse is about the change of energy from Yang to Yin during the occurrence. The sun will be overshadowed, causing darkness.

If an individual’s Ba Zi requires more Yang element or energy, and, those that are sensitive to Yin energy may be affected by it. As days with eclipses are listed as inauspicious in the Chinese Almanac, it is important to check that your Chinese Zodiac sign does not form any kind of clashing relationship with the zodiac of the day.  However, there is the other belief that, all New Moon and Full Moons are auspicious days.

Besides the solar eclipse, we will enter the month of the Yang Fire Dragon on the same day,  and it is also the New Moon on April 20, a time of new beginnings.

Wishing you a perfect month ahead!

With blessings,
Master Clarice Chan

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