So we are now in Phase One of CB (Circuit Breaker) in Singapore and many parts of the world are also moving towards easing their local Lockdown rules. Speaking to my friends from all over the world, I became aware that many have been working from home (WFH) for over four months! While WFH definitely has its benefits, it can also add new forms of stress or frustrations to an individual. One thing for sure, some individuals may find it tough to keep up with work momentum, others may find it difficult to access office work essentials and the lack of social interaction hinders communication. However, thanks to video conferencing applications like Zoom, we are still able to do most part of our jobs effectively.   One of the biggest issues in any workplace is clutter. Piles of paperwork, old magazines, and files can taint your energy which can cause dissatisfaction, stress, fatigue, and unproductivity. In severe cases, you can even become prone to illnesses like depression. So how do you improve your WFH experience?  Well, you can do so by practising some Feng Shui Hygiene to your home workspace.   To improve your WFH workspaces, I have listed out a few important tips for you :
  • Hanging a picture of the ocean, rivers or nature can help to improve your mood when you look at them.
  • Keeping your WFH workspace clutter-free and tidying your space regularly will help reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Where possible, having a small healthy potted plant can help to uplift your energy and encourage calm.
  • Give yourself good support by sitting with your back against the wall.
  • Avoid facing sharp edges or the toilet.
  • Avoid sitting directly under an overhead beam.
  Wishing you a healthy and happy WFH experience ahead!   With Blessings, Master Clarice Chan
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