It is mentioned throughout all ages that doing something at the right time is very important.  I strongly agree and believe that strategic timing is very important in our life, and it can help us achieve our goals more effectively. The ancient Chinese are also strong believers of getting things done at the right time and besides Feng Shui and the astrology system Ba Zi, they also developed an Almanac also known as the Ten Thousand years calendar or the Farmer’s Calendar. Traditionally,  the Chinese use the Almanac to schedules important events and activities such as marriage, moving house, building, renovations, travel, trading, opening ceremonies for home or business, buying property, engagement, weddings, signing important documents, Feng Shui activities and more.  In ancient China, this Almanac was also used by farmers to plan their agricultural activities, this is the reason for its other name: The Farmer’s Calendar. In the Chinese Almanac, you will find that each day will carry specific elements and a zodiac sign as well as a list of activities that you can or cannot perform. It is important to note that picking the start an event is vital, as it contains the seeds of what is to be unfolded. In our modern society, the popular requests for the selection of auspicious dates and times are mostly related to property transactions, opening of events, wedding ceremonies and sometimes for caesarean dates for the birth of babies.  I must add that selecting an auspicious date for a caesarean birth is very complex and personally, I will only accept such requests if the reason for the cesarean is at the advice of a doctor. So, the next time you need to schedule an important event and wish to make sure that the date and timing are to your favour, perhaps it would be wiser to pick an auspicious date or time pick to increase the chance of a better journey and outcome. If you enjoy this post, do click like, and to be updated on my articles you can follow me on this blog. Thank you! Master Clarice Chan
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