A reader request that I write more details on the 12 zodiac signs. He is a Metal Rooster and would like to improve his peach blossom luck. (Romance/Relationship) For general guidance, I have included the directions and some tips for which you can enhance your Peach Blossom or Romance luck. Zodiacs Signs and the direction of the Romance Star Rat, Monkey & Dragon (West) Ox, Snake & Rooster (South) Tiger, Horse & Dog (East) Rabbit, Pig & Goat (North) Tip: Please a vase with fresh flowers in your the listed direction/Corner to enhance your relationship luck. Beautiful ornaments such as Mandarin Ducks or a pair of heart-shaped rose quartz are also suitable. These items should be placed in your bedroom. Wishing you a wonderful journey in love and relationship! Feng Shui Master  Clarice Chan
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