Hello all! It has been a couple of long and tiring years, as life has not been quite the same since the start of 2020. I imagine that some of it must have been difficult, but I am sure that there must also be happy times. Regardless of the situation, we must do our best to live well and make the best of it. Recently, I have received some queries on whether I will be publishing a new book for 2022. Well, of course, and here it is! So what is included in this edition? Do you know that you improve your Career or Business Luck by selecting an auspicious date to recommence work within the Lunar New Year season? Are you planning on sprucing up the Feng Shui of your office and home? Do you wish to get a sneak peek of your zodiac sign’s rating in 2022? How is your zodiac sign’s relationship with the Grand Duke of 2022? Where is the Grand Duke Jupiter located in 2022? Last but not least, how about getting a month-by-month guide for your Zodiac sign? All the answers to the above are in my latest book: Master Clarice Chan’s to 2022- Yang Water Tiger Year Available in all major bookstores in Singapore and good newsstands. You can pre-order this book from my website or scan the barcode on the featured image.
Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2022
  Wishing one and all a very safe and blessed time ahead. With Blessings, Master Clarice Chan                
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