Origins of Ching Ming

This year’s Ching Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day falls on April 5 and it is also the Full Moon in Libra. What is so unique about this year’s Ching Ming Festival?  Ching Ming almost always occurs in the first week of April, which is the Third month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. While it is still occurring in the first week of April 2023,  we are still within the Second month in the Lunar Calendar. Why is this so? This is because we have a double or leap month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. (润 二月)

The Double or Leap Month (润 月)

The Double or Leap Month (润 月)is a type of intercalary month in the system of the calendar. It is the extra month added to a lunar calendar. In the lunisolar calendar, the month that does not contain a solar term (节气)is designated as the leap month, and it is named “intercalary month of such and such month” using the name or serial number of the previous month. Therefore, we have two Lunar 2nd months.

Honoring Ancestors During Ching Ming

Generally, a week before and two weeks after Ching Ming it is acceptable to honor the ancestors at the temples, gravesites, or crematoriums. A “happy ancestor” will, in turn, bless the living family! Family members will visit the gravesite of their ancestors at least once a year to tend to the tombs, especially in Ching Ming. The Chinese will cook up good food for their ancestors at altar tables on Ching Ming in their homes. The food usually consists of chicken, eggs, or other dishes a deceased ancestor was fond of. Accompanied by rice, the dishes and eating utensils are carefully arranged according to a certain position to bring good luck.


What about the Full Moon in Libra

I am going to borrow my Astrologer friend, Cayelin Castell’s Facebook post to explain this:

The April Full Moon is considered the Pink Moon because it often looks pink as it is rising.  On April 5, 2023, the Full Moon is also approaching Spica the brightest star in the Virgin Priestess.
Together the Moon and Spica travel across the sky all night and will be even closer on the night of April 6 though the Moon will have passed Spica.
The April Full Moon Rise is High Magic worth witnessing if you have clear skies watching the Moon rise as the Sun sets and vice versa the next morning.
If you haven’t ever had this experience it is a powerful way to tune into the magic of the Great Above as it touches the Earth here in Our Great Below experience.
The Libra Full Moon brings to fruition what we have been energizing through our thoughts and actions around relationships with self and others.
When we have done our work, then we are more likely to experience co-creative passionate, productive, harmonious, joyous, fun, loving intimate relationships.
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Find out more about the magical star Spica here
What else is happening?
I feel the need to mention that there are also other important festivals on this day and around this time,  like: Passover, Easter and it is also Ramadan!
So much happening! Just like they say: As Above, So Below! It is definitely true for this April!
Wishing you all a blessed time ahead.
Master Clarice Chan


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