I have been asked several times by clients and friends if Feng Shui is still relevant during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak season?  Well, I strongly feel that Feng Shui is ever more important during this time as one of the emphases in Feng Shui is to improve our health and safety so that it can, in turn, help us to gain a stronger foundation in our lives. It is a fact that colours do play an important part in our daily lives and are deeply seeded in our consciousness. In Feng Shui application, it is common to make use of colours to help improve our personal Chi or vibrations. According to the Law of Exchange in Chinese Metaphysics, known as the 5 Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, the 2020 Metal Rat Year only consists of two of the 5 Elements which are Metal and Water, the missing Elements are Wood, Fire and Earth. Besides the year, the months, days and hours also carry specific Elements. November, December and January are categorised as Winter months and are represented by the Water Element. Spring months are February and March which are represented by the Wood Element, as well as April which is Earth represented. Coincidentally, this April, the Metal Dragon month, which consists of Metal and Earth Elements was when the spread of the Coronavirus was most severe! Why? This is because under the Law of the 5 Elements: Metal destroys the Wood Element and Earth was depleted by the Metal Element. Summer months May, June and July are represented by the Fire Element, while Autumn months August, September and October belong to the Metal Element. Recent scientific studies discovered that the Coronavirus is possibly heat-sensitive. So how could we translate this information to better use in our daily Feng Shui? Interestingly, this colour chart was created back in August 2019, way before the news of the Coronavirus. When I read this page today, I see that most of the colours indicated are representing Wood and Fire energies which coincides with the heat-sensitive theory regarding the Coronavirus. As such, we could apply Feng Shui to help ourselves in this challenging year by using and wearing more colours that represent the Wood and Fire Elements to improve our personal Feng Shui for better health and living. Check out the colour in the chart that is most suitable for your zodiac sign and use it frequently. For those zodiac signs whose Lucky Colours are listed as Brown and Yellow, it is advisable to include Fire Element tones for better support, especially in the latter part of the year. Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy time in the months ahead. Master Clarice Chan @masterclaricechan  
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