Distance Healing


Every culture owns one or more forms of energy healing. When we allow the universal energy to heal us, we can gain insights into developing wholeness, abundance, love, joy, and prosperity in our lives. 
The concept of healing is different to that of a “cure”. Healing enables you to bring balance to your entire being and when all is in balance, you will feel the sense of wellness.

Healing can also be used as a form of support therapy for medical treatments and other complementary therapies or simply to de-stress.

Reiki Distant Healing

During a Distant Healing Session, you will receive the same benefits as an in-person session, whilst being in the comfort of your own home which is a plus point as you can remain in a relaxed state even after the Healing Session.

Before and after the healing session, it is advisable to schedule in 5-10minutes of private time to get your mind and body ready for healing. Light meditation is encouraged.

Reiki Absent Healing

Absent Healing is another form of Distant Healing where the healer and client do not interact live. For example: you may choose to arrange Absent Healing for a particular person, a pet, an event or a situation. The one thing that you must understand is not to be detached to the outcome as it cannot be controlled or manipulated.

Please note, it is only possible to request healing for others if they have given their consent.