Feng Shui Tips for Work Success

One of the biggest issues in any workplace is clutter. Piles of paperwork, old magazines, old mail and files will plague the energy of your office causing unproductively, dissatisfaction, stress, fatigue, and chaos. In severe cases, you can become prone to illnesses and depression.

While selecting a good Feng Shui seat or office may not always be possible, you can definitely use Feng Shui to improve the energy of your space.

One thing is for sure; sitting at a desk that is located directly under an over-head beam or is facing sharp pillars will be problematic.  You must avoid such a seat at all cost.

General Feng Shui Tips for Your Office

  • Healthy potted plants in your office can help to uplift your energy and encourage calm.
  • Pictures of the ocean, rivers and nature will help to improve your mood when you look at them.
  • If it is possible, having an aquarium in the main office is great for reducing stress and creating abundance.
  • Keeping your cubicle clutter free and tidying your space regularly will help reduce fatigue and stress.