Water in Feng Shui

Aquariums, swimming pools, rivers, lakes and oceans have a strong affinity with Feng Shui as water is associated with attracting wealth and prosperity to homes and businesses. Traditionally, acquiring a property or building where natural water is located at a positive Feng Shui direction, is of foremost importance. However, as this is not always possible, water features such as man-made waterfalls, fountains, ponds or swimming pools are used to enhance the living environment as well as for generating prosperity.

Drains, however, cannot be used to bring wealth and prosperity as they contain unclean water. This is the reason why you must keep your waterfall, fountains, ponds, swimming pools and aquariums clean and functioning if you wish to enjoy a positive flow of income and finances. Water features of any form, if placed or located in the wrong Feng Shui direction can also bring about financial loss and misfortune. It is therefore crucial to find the correct location before constructing or placing a water feature.

Whether you believe in the theories of Feng Shui or not, it is interesting to note that properties with a view of the ocean, pool or lake are generally more expensive.