Guided Meditation

Often the stress in our daily lives causes us to forget about inner peace and calmness. Demanding working and home lives can cause us to develop addictive habits such as smoking, relying on alcohol and food as a way to escape our problems. But if we want to change our situation for the better, there are simple alternatives we can apply to breakdown, reduce and even dissolve the imbalances caused by stress.

A simple and effective way to do this, is to spend some quiet moments in meditation. In a meditative state one can learn to both relax and focus. Centering on our breath we create a nurturing inner space. Here we are able to get in touch with our higher self, soul or divine self and we are able to see things as they are, and not masked by the negativity of ego and control. This is a simple way to release your stress and recharge your batteries. It is also a great way to clear negative emotional blocks and to maintain a level of inner peace throughout your daily life.

This process can result in many benefits such as:

  • Sharper intuition
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Greater inner peace
  • Deep and restful sleep
  • Clarity of mind

Healing Meditation can be conducted in a group or on an individual basis online or face to face, these sessions are guided and not related to any religious beliefs.