Love and Your Zodiac Sign

There are 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac system. For a general character reference, we use your zodiac sign to describe your characteristics and also to gauge compatibility in in personal and business relationships.  Whe the male and female characteristic expression of each animal in the zodiac are metaphysically similar; in reality, there will be some degree of difference due to society’s values and social conditioning.

Using the zodiac sign to check compatibility in a relationship is one way to understand your partner and use the information to build a better and stronger bond.

For personal relationships, a simple zodiac compatibility check is insufficient. A thorough compatibility analysis of your Ba Zi is highly recommended.

Different zodiac sign’s relationship types

Metaphysically, there are different types of relationships within the 12 zodiac signs. Some of the signs are cohesive and relationship friendly while others can be clashing.  It is important to understand the Ba Zi Destiny chart between two people can contain elements that can have strengthening or opposing effects on each other. Therefore, simple zodiac sign compatibility cannot be taken as a guarantee to determine successful or disastrous unions.

Compatible Zodiac Signs:

Rat & Ox
Tiger & Pig
Rabbit & Dog
Dragon & Rooster
Snake & Monkey
Horse & Goat

The Clashing Zodiacs Signs:

Rat & Horse
Ox &Goat
Tiger & Monkey
Rabbit &Rooster
Dragon & Dog
Snake & Pig

Clashing signs are traditionally not viewed as good matches. However, using zodiac signs as reference alone to determine your relationship value is inadvisable. To know if these signs can build a good relationship together, you will need to look have your Ba Zi Destiny analysis done professionally.