Numerology is the study of the meaning and qualities behind numbers. Its history has been around for thousands of years even though its origin remains a mystery. From history, we know that there are three major schools of Numerology: The Chaldean, The Kabbalah and The Pythagorean.

Chaldean Numerology originated from Babylon, now known as Iraq . The Kabbalah system originated from Hebrew mysticism was developed for the Hebrew alphabets. Pythagoras was a Greek metaphysician and philosopher who lived around 500BC and has the greatest influence in modern Numerology.

One of the main modules that I do in Numerology is Name Numerology. In Name Numerology, our name can be translated into a set of numbers that describes our character and how it affects our life paths. Its theories are based on numerological studies combining all 3 major schools mentioned above.

To have good support from your name, it is important to have a name that is complete with all the numbers from one to nine, as each number will have specific influence on your life. An excess or absent of any of the numbers can essentially cause imbalances and turbulence throughout your life.

When do you seek a Name Numerology?

One obvious situation is when you or your family has a newborn. Having a positive name will help to give your child a good start in life.

Another possible situation is when you wish to take on a new name. It is common and very fashionable for some individuals in South East Asia to adopt a Western or Sanskrit name.

It can also be that you need to take on a different name due to bad personal experiences from using a particular name or if you are looking for a pen name or pseudonym. Having a numerologically selected name can give you the confidence boost you require and help start your career in more positive ways.