Online Readings

Online Reading

In this unusual time in history, online readings, webinars and video calls will become an essential part of our lives. I am therefore excited to announce that I am offering online readings via Zoom or Skype to help you journey through challenges and doubts with guidance during this trying time. From the session, you can gain confidence and power to make better decisions in your life.

An Online Reading Session is as effective as an in-person session as you will receive the same guidance and clarity to your problems. The additional benefit is that you will have the flexibility of time to remain in a relaxed state after the session.

It is important to note that before and after your Online Reading Session, a time for reflection will be beneficial. It is therefore advisable to schedule in 5-10minutes of private time to get your thoughts aligned.

Online readings are 30mins session of one of the following modalities :

  • Tarot
  • Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology)
  • Numerology

If you would like to address some of the challenges or issues in your life, please click on the Enquire button below to get in touch.