Pet Healing and Communication Therapy

About Pet Healing and Communication Therapy

Pet Healing and Communication is a Holistic Therapy  that can help your pet when he or she is sick or stressed.  Those of us who own pets know they make us happy and how stressful it is when they are injured or unwell. My journey with healing modalities actually began because of my love for animals.  I started working on animals back in the early 2000s and in 2002, I  was featured in a part in a  5 – part series titled  “People and Animals” highlighting Animal Planet.  This healing journey has opened up a new way of life for me, it has empowered me to use this art of healing for my pets and for others.

Pet Healing is gentle and does not interfere with other treatments and thus can be administered on pets who are ill as well as a booster for those who are well.

Generally most animals respond well to Pet Healing, so whether you want to help speed up the recovery of a broken bone, post-operative trauma or calm down an anxious animal, Pet Healing is definitely something to consider.

How does Pet Healing help your pet?

When your pet is in distress, you can try energy healing as it will calm their energy and read their body for healing. Energy healing works to create a balance in your pets energy, which can help to remedy many common ailments in your pet. Additionally, energy healing can help stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, which in turn will help your pet heal faster.

How do Pet Communication Healing Work?

Pet Communication Healing  is a remote healing session that I have eveloped  to work with pets that are in distress or sick.  It consists of two important components:  Pet Communication and Energy Healing.  As a natural intuitive, I am able to communicate with your pet and try to work out what is bothering him or her which could be a physical, mental or emotional issue. However, this does not mean that I can have a deep conversation with them, they usually only highlight to me the problem area. After finding out the issue, I will proceed to do energy healing on their higher self. After the session, I will get in touch with the owner and tell them my findings and provide some guidance.

Follow up sessions will be beneficial but there are some unique cases that only need one session. It all depends on the need of the pet.

To find out more. please visit my blog post titled, Pet Communication Healing session for Charlie where the owner shares her experience.

Book a Pet Healing Session

My Pet Healing and Communication sessions are done remotely.

You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Name, Age, Species and Breed
  2. Recent Photograph
  3. Name and Address of Owner
  4. A brief description of the Pet’s Condition.

$150 per session