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Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2024 – Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

SGD 19.90

Are you curious about what the year of the Yang Wood Dragon holds for you?

Do you wish to select an auspicious date to recommence your work or business during the Lunar Chinese New Year season for more positivity?

Find out more about:

Performing your First Outing on Chinese New Day
The Tai Shui and your Zodiac sign
When to Bank your money on Li-Chun Day
Auspicious Dates and Direction
Period 9 Feng Shui
Monthly Zodiac Forecast for 2024
Feng Shui and Remedies for 2024
Tips for Buying Properties

All these can be found in this latest publication:      Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to 2024

Product Description

Introducing my latest edition: Master Clarice Chan’s Guide to “The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon” Your Guide to a Prosperous 2024!

Step into a year of transformation and opportunity with this latest publication! Discover ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, fortuitous activities during the Lunar New Year, and month-by-month insights tailored to your Zodiac sign, all in one comprehensive guide.

Uncover the secrets of harmonious living through the lens of Feng Shui, celebrate the Lunar New Year with auspicious traditions, and navigate the twists and turns of 2024 with a personalized Zodiac roadmap. This book is your key to a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead.

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Available from October 26, 2023
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