Reiki Workshops


About your Reiki Master

Master Clarice Chan is a talented Reiki Master Teacher. Since 2001, she periodically conducts workshops from Level 1 to Master Level, and regularly conducts Healing sessions for her clients. In a Healing session, Master Clarice incorporates Reiki Healing with a combination of other modalities such as Crystal Healing, Body Talk and through Guided Meditation.

Master Clarice Chan has a unique journey with Reiki. She began the journey after her surgery in 1997 when she faced post surgery recovery issues. Recommended by a good friend, she went to the Holisting Living Festival where she met her first Reiki Master, Elaine Hamilton Grundy. Soon after being attuned with Reiki, her healing sped up and this convinced her to pursue Reiki Mastery. 

Reiki Level I Workshop

Reiki Level One is a 2-day workshop. You will be activated by the Reiki Master to channel the Universal Life Energy, Reiki. Once activated, Reiki flows through the palms of your hands for as long as you live.  Reiki is often used as a personal healing tool  for the self and for treating others. 

Course Fee: $399

Reiki Level II Workshop

Reiki Level Two is about self-empowerment and accelerating personal growth. You will be attuned to 3 Reiki symbols which means that they will be imprinted in your cosmic blueprint.  The 3 symbols represent:




Explanation and practical use of each symbol will be taught. You can use the symbols for  purposes like:

  • Sending Reiki to current or future events 
  • Absentee or Distant Reiki  to a person, group, pets or places
  • Sending Reiki to empower manifestation, affirmations and telepathic communications

Only those who have completed Reiki Level 1 for at least 3 months can sign-up for Reiki Level 2 workshop.

Course Fee : $688

Reiki 3 level or Master Degree 

If you feel that you are ready to become an advanced healer or to teach Reiki, this is it.

You will learn to give Reiki attunements procedures through from Reiki I & II up to Reiki Master level and how to teach and attune others to the Reiki energies. 

To apply for this level, a student must have completed the Level 2 Degree for at least  months.       

Reiki Master Level : Please email me for pricing.