About Singapore Feng Shui Master Clarice Chan

One of Singapore's Top Feng Shui Master, Clarice Chan

Master Clarice Chan, one of Singapore’s Top Feng Shui Master, is well known to be highly intuitive with many gifts. Her natural ability to sense energy has led her ahead of many practitioners in Feng Shui and other metaphysical fields. Over the years, she has established a strong Feng Shui client-base on not just in Singapore, but in countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Clarice is well respected in her field and has recently been awarded the Visionary Person of the Year 2017 by the Book Publicist of South California, USA.  In 2008 she was also nominated for Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Clarice is well known for her pragmatic and candid manner. Her new clients are often surprised at her modern approach to Feng Shui. She uses a blend between maintaining the authenticity of the metaphysical theories and keeping to simplicity and functionality of the use and practice of Feng Shui. Her one-to-one personal sessions are solution-based, non-judgemental, and non-fatalistic.

What do people say about Singapore Feng Shui Master, Clarice Chan?

As one client, Michele said, “There’s very little new age mumbo jumbo to decipher or translate.”

Over the last 17 years, her reputation has grown both in the local and expatriate communities in Singapore and internationally.

One of her unique qualities is the way she connects with people of any nationality, as another client, Ms. Chia, aptly complimented her: “You connect well with your clients and have an East meets West mentality. This gives you an edge over traditional Feng Shui masters.”

Besides private homes, she has rendered her expertise to retail shops, clinics, veterinary, tuition centers, hospitals, banks, spas & resorts, restaurants, commercial buildings, and multinational companies.

In 2006, Clarice wrote and published the first edition of a series of annual Feng Shui and Zodiac prediction books, Your Fortune in 2007.    The latest edition is this year’s Your Fortune in 2017. She is also the author of Feng Shui Gourmet (2011), a book describing the benefits of conscientious eating along with popular recipes.

The Your Fortune series has received positive reviews from Elle Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Style Living, New Tide Magazine, New Sunday Times, New Straits Times, and other notable publications.

Clarice has been a regular contributor to the Simply Her magazine’s Monthly Star column since 2004. She also writes annual zodiac predictions for The Finder Magazine and Expat Living Magazine. Her articles cover topics including methods for career success, weddings, romantic attraction, travel, and more. Highlights from her bibliography can be found on the Media page.

Clarice Chan
Singapore Feng Shui Master