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Space Cleansing and Rituals

While the word “Ritual” is often associated with religions, it also refers to “a series of actions or type of behaviour regularly and invariably followed by someone.”  In fact, every person in every culture practices some form of daily routine that becomes a type of ritual.

It is well known that the Chinese culture is full of Customs and Rituals. They are   practiced to improve one’s health, relationships, prosperity and daily living.

Some of the common practices are for:

Moving-in   (入宅 and 旺 宅)
Energy Clearing (化煞)
Renovations (开工)
Breaking Ground (動土)
Official Opening (开市)
Enshrine (安神)

These rituals are preferably done :

  • Pre and post construction or renovations
  • Before commencement of new a business
  • When moving to a new home

It is also important to note that rituals can be done with or without Feng Shui applications, as it is an independent school.