Tarot Workshops

Singapore Feng Shui Master Clarice Chan

Your Facilitator

Master Clarice’s journey with Tarot began in 1987 when she discovered, by chance, that she had a natural ability to read Tarot Cards when she got her first Tarot deck, The Mythic Tarot, in Perth, Australia. From the very beginning, she has been told that her readings have always been amazingly accurate and that feedback has kept her motivated. In 2002, she started giving readings to the public at holistic living festivals, charity balls such as The President’s Charity in 2005 and corporate events like the opening of the Kurt Geiger Boutique at Marina Bay Sands.

The Tarot is a powerful transformation tool. When an individual consults The Tarot, it reveals their psyche and persona and that helps to give meaning to your questions. The cards shed inner wisdom and directions that will give you the freedom of choice to decide which path to take to reach your desired goals and destinations.

She now  works and teaches internationally and her diverse publications are distributed worldwide. Master Clarice  is well respected in her field and has been nominated for Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 and in 2018 she was named the Visionary Person of the Year by the Book Publicists of Southern California.

Intuitive Tarot Workshop Level I 

This 3-hour workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning to use the Tarot for problem solving and personal growth. 

It will give you a good introduction to :

*The History of Tarot
*The Myths & Truth about the Tarot
*Choosing your own Tarot deck
*Tarot Basics & Structure
*Using the Major Arcana Cards for self-discovery
*Giving an intuitive reading using the Major Arcana Cards for problem solving and affirmation

Workshop Fee: $499

Workshop requirements:

1)Anyone can do this course

2)A Deck of Tarot Cards (Preferably the Mythic Tarot as used by Master Clarice or alternative decks such  the  Mythic Tarot,  Universal Tarot or the Universal Rider Waite