What does Yin and Yang have to do with well-being?

What does Yin and Yang have to do with well-being?

Yin and Yang are at the very heart of Chinese metaphysical philosophy and Chi (or energy )is the element that we need to harness in Feng Shui. The ancient Chinese believed that Yin and Yang are the essences of nature. Everything is in a perpetual state of change, moving from one extreme to the other to create an equilibrium or universal balance. All things in the Universe have two opposite yet complementary energies known as Yin and Yang.

How do Chi, Yin and Yang affect our body?

It is interesting to know that the theories of Yin and Yang can also be found in food. According to Traditional Chinese medicine and Feng Shui philosophies, an imbalance of Yin or Yang in the body may contribute to health problems or result in disease. Therefore, understanding what you are eating will help to create a balance that will aid in keeping you healthy.

Along with the theories of Yin and Yang is also the Law of Exchange known as the Five Elements.  They are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.  Colours, flovour and style of cooking can be translated into the Five Elements.  The Five Elements also correspond to the five visceral organs.  Eating foods with the colour that represents the Element corresponding to the organ you wish to treat, combined with the style of cooking can help to create a better balance for your well being.

Yang Foods can replenish your chi, make you will feel warm and stimulated, and are especially good for people who often feel cold or are easily fatigued.

Yin foods, on the other hand, encourage rest and recharging of energies. Physically you will also feel cooler and hydrated. Emotionally, you will feel refreshed and calm after eating these foods, therefore it is beneficial to those who find it hard to relax or are stressed.

However, having too much Yin quality food will lead to drowsiness, lack of energy, feeling chilly, water retention, or blocked digestion.  Emotionally, you can feel depressed and lethargic.

Therefore eating a balanced diet is the key to keeping you healthy.